Technical Services

Our core technical expertise is designing highly secure, reliable, scaleable, performant, flexible and cost efficient architectures for the cloud. Our goal is not to provide a unique service, but to provide the right solution for your unique business requirements.

Breaking the monolith

Are you considering or in the initial stages of digital transformation? Do you struggle with scalability and availability of your applications? Has it become increasingly more difficult to deploy and scale your systems? It's not the question of "if", but rather the question of "when" traditional "monolith" application architecture will start costing you business. Let us help you jumpstart your digital transformation the right way, using micro-services based architecture and DevOps best practices.


Hybrid Architecture

Are you trying to test the waters with public cloud? Do you want to offload some of your technology to the public cloud? Have you outgrown your on-premise environments? Do you run weekly or monthly large scale processes and keep a lot of resources idle between the runs? Les us help you define the right architecture for your hybrid cloud initiative.


Micro-services, Event Sourcing and CQRS

Are you exploring ways to streamline development and deployment process? Do you want your services to scale independently? Do you have strict auditing requirements? Is your write load much higher than your read load or vice versa? Micro-services in conjunction with event sourcing and CQRS will solve all the above requirements. But doing this right is not trivial. Each use case requires specific design patterns and trade-offs. Let us help you jumpstart your new flexible architecture.


Big/Fast Data and Analytics

Big/fast data is no longer just a bunch of buzzwords. Businesses that don't collect all the data, all the time and don't capitalize on that data may be losing their competitive advantage. Ingesting large volumes of data from multiple sources at real time, enriching, cleansing and sanitizing, analyzing and storing results for immediate consumption by various business units, customers and partners is not an easy endeavor. We know what it takes to build the right data pipeline without going overboard, while allowing your data platform to evolve as your business needs change.


Serverless Architecture

Serverless architectures are starting to make their way to both public and private clouds. Deciding on which use cases fit this paradigm is very important. Businesses should start slowly, one use case at a time. Let us guide you through this new and exciting architectural approach.