Cloud Trusted Advisor

In addition to our Cloud Execution Framework, we offer our Cloud Trusted Adviser Service. The Cloud Trusted Advisor Service is a check point on your journey to the Cloud.

It is important to verify that you are implementing best practices. Or you may be ready to take the next step after an initial cloud project. The Cloud Trusted Advisor Service allows you to pull from a team of experts to verify you are on the intended path.

The Cloud Trusted Advisor Service can be customized for your needs, but here are some of the primary services:

Strategy Review

Do you have a cloud strategy? Many companies don’t, many have parts of one, or maybe you realize a review with an expert is needed to validate the strategy is really meeting the business goals. Don’t guess! Let us help you create or validate your strategy.What are the challenges or concerns with your current strategy? Often companies don’t know where to start. We can help.Do you have a Well Defined and actionable direction? You will when you are done with the Cloud Trusted Advisor! We help you build a go forward strategy and the steps you need to take to implement.


Cloud Maturity Assessment

Do you understand what a mature Cloud execution would look like for your organization? Do you understand where you are in the process? How far along are you? We work with companies of all sizes and we can help you understand where you rate in overall cloud maturity.


Architecture Review

Are you taking advantage of Cloud architectures? Designing applications to take advantage of the elasticity and automation available in the Cloud takes a different set of skills. The ability to scale up and down can be easily automated in the Cloud, but can your application architecture handle this new found auto-scaling?


Security Review

Security teams have a really good understanding on how to secure a data center. Security teams without Cloud experience say “No” a lot! Let us help you get the team to “YES”. Cloud security is different. Some things are easier, however, there are new places to watch. We will help you build a cloud security policy to take the velocity of the cloud in to account.


Cost Analysis

One of the most interesting things about Cloud platforms today is that they are actually getting less expensive over time. There are many ways to implement Cloud platforms at a lower cost than just 2 years ago. Let us help your teams design for cost optimization. One really big change the Cloud enables, is very detailed cost visibility. We will show you how to see cost better, design to improve cost, and even make applications cost aware!