Cloud Execution Framework

The journey to the Cloud is unique for every company. We’ve taken best practices from leading public cloud providers and built our Cloud Execution Framework – an iterative process to guide you on your specific journey using a proven pattern to success.

Mapping the Journey is the first and most important part in the Cloud Execution Framework process. It starts with answering a few key questions.

  • Where are you today?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What are your business priorities?
  • What are the projects you want to move into the Cloud?
  • When do you want these projects to be in the Cloud?
  • Are there any restrictions (e.g. technology choices, customer commitments, regulatory, etc)?

The journey to the Cloud does not look the same for every business. This initial exercise is to help you map the journey to your timeline and your priorities. Your business may have processes in place that make parts of the journey very simple, but you may also have gaps that will require more focus. The end result is an agreed-upon Roadmap of iterative processes.

One Cloud Execution Framework, Six Unique ViewPoints
Moving to the Cloud can be complex. The Cloud Execution Framework adds structure to the complexity by breaking it down into six easy-to-understand ViewPoints. ViewPoints are based on various stakeholders’ perspectives and address the objectives and concerns that come from relevant partners and team members.


The Management ViewPoint is focused on optimizing the business benefit from the Cloud. This ViewPoint is designed to help leadership understand the business changes needed to take full advantage of the Cloud and to make sure that IT investments are aligned with the business-required outcomes.



The Organizational ViewPoint is all about people. Moving into the Cloud may require changes to organizational structures. There may be a deficit of staff skills and competencies. Depending on the level of change the Cloud creates, change management could be a crucial part of the process. This ViewPoint assists in understanding what is needed and when.



The Governance ViewPoint is an essential and often neglected part of the Cloud Execution Framework. As businesses move to the Cloud, this ViewPoint helps you understand how to control access, sprawl, and costs within the cloud environment.



Technology is the enabler of this journey. There are many options, many directions, and many choices. The focus of the Technology ViewPoint is to help you make the right decisions for your business and define a technical architecture that best fits your needs.



The Security ViewPoint helps your business look at information security in a new way. How and what you secure is different in the Cloud. Many businesses want to move to the Cloud for speed. This ViewPoint ensures that your security stays ahead of your development team.


Day 2

If Day 1 is the day you go live with a new application in the Cloud, then what happens on Day 2? The Day 2 ViewPoint is all about making sure you have the operational processes in place to support your cloud solutions after you go live.