Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Ensure Your Organization’s Continuity in the Face of Disaster

Whether it is a natural disaster, human error, or a malicious attack, if your organization does not have a tested disaster recovery plan, operations may come to a grinding halt for an extended period of time. More organizations are turning to the AWS cloud for disaster recovery solutions that ensure the availability, reliability, and resilience of the systems and data that drive your organization.

The Significant Benefits of Disaster Recovery in AWS

Reduce TCO

No need to build, staff, and maintain an on-prem data center for DR

IDC Report: AWS DR reduced TCO by 64%

Speed to Recovery

DR strategy options to meet specific RPO & RTO needs

Able to test in a real environment so you know it will work

Scale to Requirements

No more guessing at data center capacity requirements

Pay only for what is consumed

Geographic Options

69 availability zones in 22 regions allow for DR in distinct locations to ensure no interruption

Improved Security

AWS data center and network architecture are designed to support the world’s most security- sensitive organizations

Cloud Disaster Recovery Framework

Kinect has created a proven methodology to determine the optimal AWS DR strategy for your organization, ensuring that you achieve your objectives and receive the full benefit of the cloud.

AWS DR Strategies

  • Simple and cost-effective; if you have no DR plan, start here


  • Critical apps and data are always running in the cloud
  • Option to provision full scale production environment if disaster occurs


  • Some services are continuously up and running in the cloud
  • Near seamless transition and virtually no RTO when disaster occurs


  • Full replication of on-prem data and apps running in AWS
  • Traffic routed to unaffected location during disaster; zero downtime
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